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Take the Mystery Out of Choosing the Perfect Speaker –  USE The ASN Advantage !

Our team of professionals know better than anyone else what’s happening in the Ag industry, which speakers fit your niche, how to engage your audience, and how it all affects your business.

We can help you engage . . . educate . . . motivate . . . all in an atmosphere of trust and partnership . . . all to help you achieve your objectives and desired outcomes.

Your Guide to a Successful Event 

With Agricultural Speakers Network, you have access to more than 3,000 of today’s top headliners, authors, trainers, and celebrities who are diverse in their abilities to captivate, motivate, educate, and entertain.

For 30 years, we have constantly reviewed speakers – always searching for, and finding, great presenters to recommend to our clients.

When you let us transfer our knowledge and expertise to you, you’ll be connected with the best professionals for your audience and your budget.

Let our staff save you time, give you peace of mind with the speakers you choose, and take the unnecessary complications out of planning your next program.

Our Staff & Leadership

Rich Tiller

Rich Tiller 

Rich Graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in AgEcon/Sales & Marketing under Professor Dr. W. David Downey. Tough summer job market due to recession of the ‘80s was a blessing in disguise. During college in the Summer took a job with a housewares company selling cookware, china, crystal and cutlery. Became a BIG ZigZiglar fan and enjoyed wonderful hands-on training in sales and marketing. Learned that hard work and persistence pays off. A setback with arthritis in 1982 taught that life isn’t fair, but hard work and a positive attitude makes all the difference. Realized the ‘glass is always half full.’  Make that overflowing! Hired into the speaker bureau business in 1985 by ABG, Inc. in Indy.  Became the youngest president of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus at the age of 27. Broke away to grow ASN, PSN and start other bureaus in 1994. Work every day in a positive, constant learning atmosphere with unbelievable speakers, helping hundreds of companies produce successful events. Wonders with amusement what life will bring next. Ever Grateful!

Early days

Grew up in the suburbs of Chicago – Elgin, IL. Worked grade school – junior high school having 2 newspaper routes on bike, then selling newspapers in the local hospital, walking the floors mornings and afternoons. During high school worked in the same hospital in the evenings under surgery – spraying down the walls in the decontamination department of the post-surgery area. Not for the squeamish!  Earned 7 high school varsity letters as manager and trainer for the Elgin Maroons football, basketball, and track teams. This was before athletic trainers were hired.  Loved taping ankles.


Bride, Julie. Son, Clark. Daughter, Megan.  David Downey, Mike Jackson, David Parker, Scott McKain, Mark Drager, Former Sect. of Agriculture Dr. Earl Butz, OgMandino, Napolean Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Andy Andrews, Ray Pelletier, Somers White.


Walking golf courses with Julie while watching Clark hit amazing shots in matches; watching Megan entertain in plays, musicals, and show choirs.  Skiing in Utah, and playing some golf myself – hitting not so amazing shots. It’s still a nice walk!




Kelly Pataky

Kelly Pataky

As a child, Kelly bounced around the US, living on the East Coast, West Coast and in between before settling in the Midwest as an adult.  After a brief stint in the insurance industry, she spent seven years working for Eli Lilly/Elanco before leaving the workforce to stay home and raise her four children.  She has been with Tiller Group 15 years and counting.


Julie Tiller

Julie Tiller


What is the Fee?

Our involvement costs you nothing extra! If we help you book a speaker, the speaker pays us a small portion of his or her honorarium. We look forward to discussing your next meeting!